Head Lice

According to MedlinePlus lice are parasites and they don't have any wings. But lice have legs so that they can jump from head to head and they are very contagious. Also according to MedlinePlus some ways you can get head lice is if you use someone else's hat, or brush. According to KidsHealth lice take very small amounts of blood from the scalp, the human brain senses the lice bite and sends a message through your body, telling you to itch the area, causing you to pay attention to it. The reason for this is because the brain understands that there is something wrong with the area/body, and it wants you to notice it. Head lice moves from head to head and they spread. If something moves or spreads it means they are living, and when something is living it is made up of cells.

According to MedlinePlus some symptoms of head lice are...
  • Itching of the scalp                                 
  • Oozing of bites
  • Tingling of the hair
  • Sores from itching 
  • Irritability and difficulty sleeping

According to MedlinePlus some treatments of head lice are....
  • Special shampoos and conditioners.
  • Metal combs to kill lice.
  • Pesticides and chemicals can kill them too.
  • Putting mayonnaise and oil in your hair.
  • Combing heated hair dehydrates lice and its eggs.(this can be done with a comb and blow dryer, while coming the hair).
  • Also shaving your head works too. (men/boys usually prefer this over women.)

According to MedlinePlus some ways to prevent head lice is to...
  • Keep long hair tied up.
  • Comb hair often.
  • Wash hair often too.
  • You shouldn't share things like, brushes, or hats.