There are many different kinds of foodborne illnesses. One bacteria caused illness is called Salmonella. Salmonella is caused by not clean surfaces and raw and contaminated food and water. 

According to The Center for Disease Control salmonella is a foodborne illness that you get by eating raw food, not refrigerated food, not washing your hands constantly , and not washing hands after playing with pets and going to the bathroom. 

Salmonella gets into your body from raw food and uncleaned surfaces and contaminated food, water, and other things. It attacks the cell then it  takes over the cell and multiplies into more salmonella bacteria. It then keeps multiplying making it worse and worse. Your immune system usually attacks and gets the bacteria before it gets into your system but sometimes it gets through and then you become sick. 

On they say that if you do indeed have it then you should drink lots of fluids, rest and take some antibiotics to get healthier. salmonella reported annually.  So just keep in mind to always  wash your hands and to remember to always be aware of Salmonella.