E. Coli

According to Food Safety and The Center for Disease Control, E. Coli is a very serious disease, so be careful if you happen to get this bacteria. E. Coli is a bacteria. The bacteria enters you and then you can get sick. 

The symptoms for E. Coli are:          
  • diarrhea (often bloody)
  • severe abdominal pain
  • and vomiting 
  • But, you usually you will have little to no fever
 You can get E. Coli by:    
  • eating contaminated food (especially under cooked ground beef)
  • consuming unpasteurized milk and juice 
  • eating soft cheeses made from raw milk
  • eating raw fruits and vegetables such as sprouts
  • drinking contaminated water including drinking untreated water 
  • swimming in contaminated water
  • not washing your hands after touching animals, especially cows, sheep, and goats 
  • and from the poop of infected people
E. Coli can be prevented by:
  • eating fully cooked foods
  • drinking only pasteurized milk and juices
  • and not eating alfalfa sprouts
Always cook foods to 160 degrees, and wash your hands before preparing foods. According to How Stuff Works when you get E. Coli the bacteria is swimming inside of you, and that's when you get sick. To get rid of it, you will be prescribed and antibiotic by your doctor. So, if you follow these steps to keep you healthy, you will be sure not to get it!